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Wife. Mother. Entrepreneur. Philanthropist. Attorney.

My Story

I became licensed to practice law in 2001. After a decade of working at a San Francisco law firm, I decided to take a risk and become a solo practitioner. I believe that true success and happiness come from following one’s intuition and doing things on our terms.

Having a successful sole practice since 2009 has proven to me that I was right to follow my intuition—as exemplified by the great success I’ve had in offering not only traditional legal services, but also adding unbundled legal services to my family-law legal practice.

I provide legal services that put the power in the client’s hands.

My Legal Background

I was admitted to the California State Bar in 2001. After admission to the California State Bar, my initial focus in law was on family law matters such as divorce, custody, child and spousal support, property issues, and adoptions. Other focus areas in the early years also included guardianships, trusts, probate, conservatorships, and litigation.

Additionally, in those early years, I was drawn toward consumer law due to my personal experience with family law and my natural know-how regarding money issues. I felt that the unique insight I gained from the process of my own divorce, such as relearning how to live on less money post-divorce, and assisting countless family-law clients regarding financial issues would serve to help my future family-law clients.

A Shift in the Economic Climate Created a Shift in My Professional Focus

With time, I saw a storm brewing over the horizon when my focus in divorce cases went less and less from dividing a couple’s assets to, instead, dividing a couple’s debts. The debts easily outnumbered the assets two to one. The storm brewing over the horizon was financial disaster and devastation — resulting from long-term out-of-control spending, failure to put money into savings, significant reductions in home values resulting from “The Great Recession”, of 2006 and poorly funded retirement accounts – all spelled out a recipe for disaster. To my surprise, the majority of my clients (about 90%) were not only unprepared for retirement but also had nothing to fall back on in the case of an emergency—no savings, very little in retirement accounts, little to no home equity – just to list a few of the problems.

With the rise of the 2006 recession, more and more of my clients were asking for my assistance and advice regarding non-family law-related issues, such as bankruptcy, creditor lawsuits, overwhelming debt, “underwater” homes, and the like. To my dismay and frustration, I could provide little comfort or answers during this period and minimal resources for my clients.

Holistic Approach to Family Law

Having extensive experience in family law and learning everything I could about consumer law and bankruptcy law, life insurance, loan modifications, foreclosures, and creditor issues (including harassment, creditor lawsuits, etc.) during The Great Recession, I found a much-needed niche for myself. I found a place where I could use my personal and legal experience, my natural financial know-how with money issues, and my love of law to make a difference in my clients’ lives.

My goal today is to empower and educate my clients…with practical tools so that my clients can make informed decisions that affect their legal and financial well-being. My passion is empowering and educating my clients.

With my extensive experience in family law, that encompasses most cross-over issues in family-law, I am able to provide a holistic approach for all my clients, whether they receive traditional family-law services from me or Unbundled Legal Services.

Linda C. Garrett | Law Office of Linda C. Garrett

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California state lawyer | Law Office of Linda C. Garrett

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